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Niche food and drink powered by posios

Niche Food & Drink
Type: Bakery / Restaurant – London (UK)
Niche is a modern British cafe and restaurant serving accessible food with a twist. They combine a take-away bakery with a restaurant. They’re located in London, and they have been in business since July 2013.

Why switch to Posios? They compared different POS-systems, and Posios was the only POS-system that could deal with the combination of a takeaway bakery + restaurant, and at an affordable price. Another requirement was that everything was hosted in the cloud, so that the reports could easily be accessed from any location. Posios fulfills this requirement.

Advantages of Posios:Orders can be taken simultaneously by different waiters, both on iPhone and iPad. This speeds things up. It’s very customizable, all the menus can very easily be modified. Posios provides a good customer support, and they really listen to you. If the customer requires new features, Posios is always willing to implement this. This allows the restaurant to grow, with the help of Posios.

Coeur Artichaut
Type: Fine dining / catering / chain – Ghent (Belgium)
Coeur d’Artichaut is a chain with multiple restaurants, located in the center of Ghent. They started in 1992 with a small bistro that focused on healthy cuisine and homemade products, and they have been growing ever since. Nowadays they also do catering. They’ve been using Posios in all their restaurants since 2012.

Why switch to Posios? Customizability. Unlike traditional POS systems, Posios allows to very quickly modify everything in the POS system: the menu-card, the floor-plan, the reservation system, … And on top of that, all the modifications get synchronized between the different systems automatically.

Advantages of Posios:Ease of use (very intuitive),
Reports from various restaurants can be accessed by the restaurant-owner in a consolidated way, at any place, and at any time. We empower the restaurant owners.


Ellis Burger
Type: Gourmet Burger Chain – (Belgium/Netherland)
The American hamburger has become one of the most well-known comfort foods in the world today. Renowned chefs continue to pit their wits (probably more than ever before) to come up with unbelievably adventurous culinary interpretations of this great dish.

The aim of “Ellis Gourmet Burger” is to dedicate a whole restaurant to this one dish. They want to join forces with their clients in the quest for the very best ever collection of recipes and variants of the burger.

Why switch to Posios? Ellis burger is a chain with international locations, to centralize the backoffice they needed a fully cloud based POS system. Also Ellis burger is innovative and they want to quickly adapt to the changing demand of their customers

Advantages of Posios:The restaurant-owner was pleasantly surprised that Posios could deal very easily with peak loads (on average, they had 300 customers / day). All the orders got very fastly synchronised with the bar and kitchen, so that all employees in the restaurant could work very efficiently. On top of that, the restaurant-owner was very pleased with the reports, in which he could consult at any moment which products were selling best and which waiters were taking most orders.

xengo powered by posios

Xengo mobile payments
Type: Outdoor restaurant, large event – Ghent (Belgium)
“Gentse feesten” is an outdoor music and theatre festival that takes place once a year in Ghent, and lasts 10 days. It attracts thousands of visitors from all over Belgium, and it hosts plenty of restaurants. One of the restaurants over there decided to opt for Posios as their cash-register system during the 10-day festival.

Regardz powered by posios
Type: Hotel/meeting rooms – Netherlands
Regardz is the market leader in meeting facilities. It has unique locations, facilities, accomodations and total packages to bring a perfect meeting experience. Regardz is using POSIOS in their hotels and meeting rooms.

Type: Cocktailbar / creperie – London (UK)
Shutterbug is a cocktailbar / creperie in London. During daytime they’re a restaurant/cafe, and in the evenings they transform into a cocktailbar. They’ve been using Posios since April 2013.

shutterbug powered by posios

Why switch to Posios? They needed a POS-system that was a lot faster than traditional POS-systems. Furthermore, they wanted it to be very trendy.

Advantages of Posios:It works very fast,
It’s very intuitive, in 15 minutes you’ll get familiar with the software.
The integrated payments are very smooth.

Foodlounge by posios

Type: Sandwich bar / steakhouse – Lochristi (Belgium)
Foodlounge is a new, modern sandwich-bar / steakhouse in Lochristi. They also offer takeaway/delivery.

Why switch to Posios? They wanted a system in which the iPads/iPhones (that the waiters uses to take orders) were instantly connected to the kitchen/bar, so that all orders could get processed very efficiently. Furthermore, they needed a system that can combine a normal restaurant with a full-blown takeaway/delivery.

Advantages of Posios:Posios has simplified their complex workflow.

Greenway powered by posios

Type: Vegetarian restaurant / chain – Belgium
Greenway is a chain that specialises in vegetarian food. They started off with a small vegetarian restaurant in Ghent, and now they have turned into a real franchise. Aside from their vegetarian restaurants, they also do catering, and they also produce vegetarian food for supermarkets.

Why switch to Posios? They were looking for a new POS-system on iPad, and they wanted it to be trendy, in line with their business culture.

Advantages of Posios:Very user friendly, both for the staff and the customers

Bar Jan Cremer powered by posios

Bar Jan Cremer
Type: Bar – Ghent (Belgium)
Bar Jan Cremer is a bar in the center of Ghent where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee and lots of other drinks.

Why switch to Posios? They were looking for a new POS-system on iPad, and they wanted it to be trendy and easy to use. Also it need to work with different devices so that they can order outside

Advantages of Posios:Very user friendly, both for the staff and the customers

Thermae Palace powered by posios
Thermae Palace Hotel
Type: Hotel/Resort – Oostende (Belgium)
One of the many projects of King Leopold II was the construction of a large thermal institute against the colonnade that he had built at the beginning of the century. In 1929 the plans of the French architects Flegenheimer, Bard and Garella together with those of André Daniels, architect from Ostend, for this so-called “Badenpaleis” (“Thermal Palace”) were approved of. The “Badenpaleis” had everything a health and spa resort needed, including a Turkish bath, mud baths and massage rooms. A swimming pool and a luxurious hotel with various conference rooms were also erected.
Numerous noble families and even the shah and his retinue came to Ostend to try out the healing effects of the thermal baths.

Why switch to Posios? They were looking for a new POS-system that was complient to the local laws and regulations, and they wanted it to be trendy and easy to use. Also it need to be able to integrate to future PMS systems

Advantages of Posios:Very user friendly, easy to scale, possibility to integrate to other systems

wout bru using posios

Lo by Wout Bru
Type: Fine dining / Popup / Bar – Antwerp (Belgium)
Lo is the new popup concept from the famous tv chef Wout Bru. It’s located at Antwerp “Linkeroever”. Lo serves fantastic comtempory culinair food. A must to visit.

Why switch to Posios? Easy to setup and very trendy to serve the customers. The posios system also works very quick and improves greatly the performance in this busy restaurant.
Advantages of Posios:Ease of use (very intuitive),Very quick and mobile so that the waiters can work very efficient.

espinet powered by posios

Domaine de l’Espinet
Type: Holiday-village / hotel – Carcasson (France)
“Domaine de l’Espinet” is a holiday-village located in the South of France. It mainly focuses on summer-tourism, but during the off-season it also hosts plenty of conferences and teambuilding-activities. The domain is massive (300 acres), and there’s wifi everywhere.

Why switch to Posios? They were looking for a POS system that is completely cloud-based. As mentioned, their domain is spread over 300 acres (completely with wifi), and the goal is that a cash-register at one side of the domain could seamlessly communicate with a cash-register located at the other side of the domain.
A cloud-based solution (through the local wifi-network) is the only solution who can achieve that, so that’s why they opted for Posios.
Another very important factor why they choose Posios, is the fact that Posios can very easily be integrated with other software. They already had an in-house-built payment solution (an intelligent bracelet that the customer can use for all his payments throughout the holiday-village), and they required Posios to be compatible with this. Posios made this possible via NFC-technology (NFC is a connection-type similar to Bluetooth). Now the intelligent bracelets are integrated with the Posios-system.

Advantages of Posios:Easy integration with custom-made software and can be used across a massive domain (300 acres)

culture club powered by posios

Culture club
Type: Nightclub – Ghent (Belgium)
Located in Ghent, Culture club is one of the trendiest clubs in Europe. Hiphop, techno, drum’n’bass, …, you name it, Culture club offers it!

Why switch to Posios? With a capacity of 500 visitors per night, they needed a POS-system that’s reliable and fast, so that their bartenders could serve the customers as fast as possible. The slick design of the Posios-solution (on iPad) was an added bonus, and completely in line with their trendy business-culture.

Advantages of Posios:Load: System can handle a big load (+- 500 customers / day). Speed: In a club (where the orders come in very fast), it’s important that the orders get processed very fast. Posios fits that bill.

Christmas powered by posios

Christmas market
Type: Outdoor Events – Ghent (Belgium)
During the chrismas period POSIOS delivered all the POS system for the Winter Fest event! Christmas powered by POSIOS

Why switch to Posios? They needed a solution that can scale easily and be used outside in multiple locations.

Advantages of Posios:Load: System can handle a big load (+- 500 customers / day). Outdoor: Easy to setup, no wires needed to get it up and running.

Cafe Lua powered by posios
Cafe Lua
Type: Coffee bar – Melbourne (Australia)
Café Lua, Carlton’s gluten-free specialist, has a tradition of attentive service, custom-made coffees and fine contemporary Melbourne-Cafe cuisine. This quiet excellence makes Café Lua a favourite brunch spot for locals, regulars from further afield and a refreshing stop for tourists.

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