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Zhong Yuan Xu

Zhong Yuan Xu - CEO & co-founder

Zhong Yuan Xu has a Masters in Computer Science and is dedicated in making the lives of business owners easier.

After his degree he joined hungry young start-up Siruna, developing his thesis in automated mobile testing. At Siruna he gained invaluable experience in growing a start-up into an international brand – and discovered his passion for mobile apps.

Then came a big move to EVS Broadcast as a software engineer, working on major projects for global sports brands – focusing on web development for the Media Archive Division.

He also runs XudoX, a successful business creating websites for restaurants and SMEs. There he designed a remote POS app that inspired him to found POSIOS – a total solution for restaurants. The goal of POSIOS is to create user friendly solutions that benefits the business owner and their clients. POSIOS wants to bring them closer together.

Jan Hollez

Jan Hollez - CTO & co-founder

Jan Hollez has a Masters in Computer Science. An ambitious and accomplished software engineer, he’s forever searching for the ultimate solution. With proven success in complex, demanding product builds, he makes advanced solutions simple to understand for anyone.

Jan’s pioneering work on mobile web apps has pushed the boundaries of mobile technology. He also co-created Osmobi – a tool that delivers mobile sites for content management systems.

Together with Zhong he imagined a new era for the hospitality, where boundaries between the restaurant owners and their customers were removed using the technologies they were by now familiar with. Jan realised that in order to deliver the best experience POSIOS would need native applications and focus on iOS first and so he created the first versions of the fronted of Restaurant Butler.

Currently as CTO he keeps on pushing the developers to create the next experience in POS and Hospitality software. Furthermore integrating simplified ways of payment and getting a foothold in the US are his priorities.


Philippe Ysebaert - cco

An MBA and BA in Electronics Engineering, Philippe is POSIOS’ ‘entrepreneur in residence’, handling business development and partnerships. Currently he is adapting business models for new overseas markets.

With over 20 years marketing and sales experience, both national and international, across the ICT sector, Philip’s CV includes roles at NextiraOne, Orange-Mobistar and Nixxis, before joining our team. A keen cyclist and golfer, Phillipe brings his energy and drive to POSIOS, where he’s thrilled to be innovating in this exciting sector.

Gaeten Buelinckx

Gaëtan Buelinckx - Sales & Support

Gaëtan studied corporate management – he now specialises in marketing management. He gained valuable experience in sales as manager in a leading distribution company. Joining POSIOS in sales service, he’s an exceptional performer, always delivering the best for the team and the customer.

Sander Decavel

Sander Decavel - iOS engineer

Graduating in 2012 with Bachelor Honours in New Media & Communication Technology, Sander is a talented young developer hungry for success in the iOS sector.

His iOS experience began while interning at TapCrowd, where he helped expand and improve the TapCrowd platform. While there he also created an innovative demo-application for the TillAlways platform. Post-graduation, he worked for The Application Store before becoming the newest member of the POSiOS team.

Lieven Dekeyser

Lieven Dekeyser - iOS engineer

When Lieven started developing software for Mac, Steve Jobs still had hair. 9 years before the dawn of the all-changing iPhone, Lieven was already writing in Objective C.

Kurt Vermeulen

Kurt Vermeulen - Sr. Software Engineer

Kurt Vermeulen graduated in 2005 as master in computer science at the University of Ghent, Belgium. Fascinated by computers he learned to program when he was only about 13 years old, all by himself. His creativity and enthusiasm turned curiosity into a hobby which later became his profession. He has plenty of experience in engineering and development using various technologies, especially JAVA. Currently located in Mexico, he joined the POSIOS team in februari 2013, gladly helping out where he can to make POSIOS better every day.

Gerda Hoogenboom

Gerda Hoogenboom - Office manager

Gerda is a our management assistant, who gained her experience working for more than 14 years in an international automotive company.
A pro-active and creative assistant, always willing to help everyone in a professional way.
She takes control over the general administration with a smile.

She joined the POSIOS team in September 2013.

Nicolas De Letter

Nicolas De Letter - Software Developer

Nicolas is a performance-driven software developer, who always tries to give his utmost and push the boundaries wherever he meets them. After having worked for almost ten years in the food service industry, he was given the opportunity to work for POSiOS and have his experience put to good use.

Working at POSiOS he strives to excel, eager to learn from and work with the best.


kyaw - Business Developer APAC

Kyaw joined POSIOS family as a technical trainee all the way from Singapore. As a web application development fanatic, Kyaw found his home at POSISOS and after 6 months working with POSIOS, Kyaw returned to Singapore as to bring POSIOS into Singapore and APAC.

Kyaw is now based in Singapore and has been working as a Technical trainee and business development APAC, giving technical support to all the customers and partners around APAC

Annelies Goethals

Annelies Goethals - HR officer

From the start, Annelies handled all the administration necessary to make sure POSIOS runs smoothly.

She is happy to take on new challenges every day and assists the POSIOS team in every way she can. At the moment, she mainly focusses on all HR related stuff.

Annelies loves to take care of the POSIOS family for who she also organises memorable parties and events.

Adrien Leplat

Adrien Leplat - Technical Support

Adrien is a very motivated young support engineer that has extensive experience in the F&B business.
He started his career out in several high end hospitality businesses and has deep understanding about it.

Beside the insights he is also very hands-on and always ready to help out customers,


Bruno Biesemans - iOS Developer

Bruno received his bachelor in informatics in 2004 and since then he is focused on developing the best applications. He also worked more than 11 years as time management consultant.

Currently he is passionate about iOS development and he creates applications for POSIOS customers.

Benjamin Verraes

Benjamin Verraes - Channel Manager

Benjamin strongly looks forward to meeting people who are passionate about what they do! If you are interested in distributing Posios products in your home country, or if you have other Point of Sales related questions, feel free to get in touch and let him know how he can be of service to you!

Minwei Wang

Minwei Wang - Business Developer US

Before the company was officially established, Minwei was already there helping when necessary.
She is a multi-skilled person and loves challenges. At this moment she is helping POSIOS with Business Development in US.
The most important thing for her is to grow together with this young and dynamic team.

Joost Poley

Joost Polley - System Administrator

Joost Polley graduated in 2014 as Bachelor in Computer and Cyber Crime Professional. Joost is passionate about automating server administration processes. He’s also interested in networking and virtualization.

After doing his internship at POSIOS, he joined the POSIOS family as System Administrator

dieter van de walle

dieter VDW - Sr. Software Engineer

Dieter Van de Walle studied computer sciences at the University of Ghent. He first worked as a scientific assistant at the research group MultimediaLab of the same university, working on video-processing and compression algorithms. Together with Jan, he was part of the founding team of the mobile-internet startup Siruna, where he also met Zhong during his work on his thesis project.

roalt ahmet

roalt ahmet - Business Developer

Roalt Ahmet graduated from University of Baruch in New York with a Bachelors in International Relations and Psychology. He welcomed the opportunity to work with the POSIOS team and gain experience abroad. His corporate passions are Operations and Project Management. We are happy to say that he doesn’t miss the Big Apple too much and enjoys coming in to work everyday. In his spare time he enjoys nature hikes, gymnastics, and exploring Belgian Beers.


Thomas Barvaux - Business Dev. FR

Thomas has always been passionate about customer contact and interaction. Given his passion for Apple, he was hired in 2012 as a salesman at an Apple Premium Reseller store. Today, based in Paris, he is responsible for the POSIOS partnership for France and Belgium-Francophone.

Tim Viaene

Tim Viaene - Sr. iOS Engineer

After working as a backend programmer for a few years, in 2009 Tim saw that mobile was here to stay.
He jumped into iOS development head-first and never stopped learning.
At POSIOS he hopes to strengthen the iOS team and help them in building the next generation of POS systems.
Besides developing awesome apps, Tim also enjoys going out for a run.

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Knack: POSIOS opens office in Singapore

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Het lijkt er op dat Posios een serieuze kans maakt om voet aan grond te krijgen in Zuid-Oost Azië. De Genste start-up heeft een mobiel kassasysteem gebouwd voor de iPhone en de iPad. Het gaat hard voor de jongens van Posios. Niet alleen kon het bedrijfje enkele maanden geleden een strategische deal sluiten met een grote Amerikaanse aanbieder van betaalsystemen (Merchant Warehouse), ook in Zuidoost Azië is

Posios seals the deal with American payer

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Posios & Merchant Warehouse Chicago

POSiOS - Restaurant Butler Funded by iMinds, POSiOS is now taking big steps: the company behind Restaurant Butler, a mobile POS system for the iPhone and iPad, just closed strategic deals with major U.S. payment providers, Merchant Warehouse - owner of the platform Genius - and Mercury. POSiOS was also present at the American National Restaurant Association show, from 18 to 21 of May. Posios is on a roll. Ghent natives Jan


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