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62.50/ month
(USD 89.00)

1 Business

3 Devices

Unlimited Employees

Unlimited Printers

Yearly (20% off)

50.00/ month
(USD 79.00)

1 Business

3 Devices

Unlimited Employees

Unlimited Printers

Custom plan

Multi Businesses

Integration Api’s

Custom Print templates

Unlimited Devices

Unlimited Employees

Unlimited Printers

Mobile payments

Receive mobile payments wherever you are with whatever you want. We support different solutions worldwide. (USA (PA-DSS) / EU EMV solutions)

Seamless iPod / iPhone integration and mobility

Give your staff a phone or tablet for simple, paperless table orders. Your customers can even order on their own iPhone

Always at your service

Even if you lose connection, POSIOS finds offline solutions. The app keeps working through a dedicated 3G/4G failsafe router. Plus we provide a local network server, that regularly syncs with the cloud. So it delivers all the benefits of the cloud, while guaranteeing every device works perfectly offline.

Have it your way

Deliver perfect service, with extra options for cooking (rare, medium, well done), ice in drinks (yes / no), and toppings (cheese, tomato, olives etc). With a full, flexible range of pricing options to suit your business.

Tools that deliver results

Access comprehensive business reports and performance data. Compatible with different tax rates.

Get your message across

Communicate with your staff in their first language, for increased efficiency


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